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Sports and Remedial massage

Sports and remedial massage is for both sports and non-sports people alike, promoting improved performance of a sporting activity, maintaining active muscles, tendons and joints.

Baby and toddler massage classes

A safe and effective massage routine for your baby or toddler, these sessions can help both the parent or carer, and the baby to relax, helping to form the deep emotional bonds.

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Kinesiology Taping

One of the fastest growing modalities, which helps support strains, posture and encourages improved use of muscle groups during sport and daily life.


A holistic massage, which can help relieve muscular tension, aid lymphatic movement, speeding up the elimination of toxins and can help improve skin condition.

Swedish Massage

It is particularly effective for general muscular aches. Natural carrier oils are applied during Swedish massage, without the use of essential oils.


Reflexology is a specialist foot treatment, which can help maintain all round physical and emotional health. This is a relaxing treatment, in which appropriate pressure is applied to specific areas and points of the feet.

Events, clubs and groups

I am available for hire for any sporting events, such as marathons, water sports, dance, gymnastics and surf competitions, where a pre, post or mid-event massage would be beneficial for those taking part.

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