Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial massage

Sports and remedial massage is for both sports and non-sports people alike. You may simply want to ease stiffness in tired and aching muscles, caused by anything from sedentary jobs, poor posture, repetitive movements or positioning, or your needs may be sports related, such as promoting improved performance of a sporting activity, maintaining active muscles, tendons and joints, or injury prevention, recovery and prevention of reoccurrence.

I cover a range of approaches and adapt my treatments accordingly, depending on the client’s needs. By using a range of soft tissue manipulation techniques, stretching and providing appropriate exercises and advise; I can work with my clients on a wide variety of issues.

A sports massage includes a thorough (can be up to 15 minutes), initial consultation and a postural and functional analysis, to establish your specific requirements before proceeding with the treatment. During the consultation we can discuss any past and present injuries and any other relevant information, in order to identify potential problem areas and weaknesses.

Open communication and feedback is encouraged throughout treatments, which enables me to gain a greater understanding and treat accordingly. If required, I can then give advice regarding changes and adaptations to lifestyle and recommend appropriate exercises for you to do in your own time.    

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Sports and remedial

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Payment cannot be refunded if less than 24 hours notice is given. In exceptional circumstances 50% may be refunded.   


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